Paddys Video Diary

Welcome to Paddy the cat’s video diary page.

Download video as MP4, WebM, or Ogg.

“My name is Paddy the happy kitteh and when I am not eating or sleeping – I am meowing and blogging”

Every day Paddy will show you what he is up to on his cat video diary.

Paddy’s cat video diary is probably one of the first of its kind – giving paddy control of his own video log!


Download video as MP4, WebM, or Ogg.

Paddy the cat’s video diary entries are compiled automatically once the light has faded every evening  and are progressively uploaded to paddy’s website as each video processing job becomes complete

This means you get a new entry from paddy every day.

Paddys says he likes to recap a little for those who came in late* so the videos show two days of Paddys video blog each day.



Some days Paddy is shy other days he’ll scratch your eye!

Paddy’s cat video blog is also a great way for fans of Paddy’s live garden cameras to catch up on all the excitement of the day – hosted by Paddy himself.

Paddy said while he’s not available for weddings or parties any more – he is definitely interested in receiving food or toys from fans and groupies.


Download video as MP4, WebM, or Ogg.

Paddy’s daily cat blogging cat be quite tiring, so paddy often takes cat-naps on the interwebs.

So if you see any plump doves or night crickets hanging around Paddy’s garden, be sure to let Paddy know…


* old jungle saying

Paddy says he favors Linksys devices because he’s a big fan of their parent company – Cisco. He says that Cisco equipment is an absolute necessity when you need industrial strength internet communications equipment, but you’d better head over to Paddy’s Space Ship if you want to talk tech..

Download video as MP4, WebM, or Ogg.

Paddy says he’d gotten sick of waiting for humans to post on his behalf and figured he’d be better off working directly with his audience.

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