The Storm Again

Paddy has finally finished his inspections of the place a full week after the crazy storm we experienced. Surprisingly we suffered very little damage.

But Paddy’s Garden did experience a lot of rain…

[flashvideo file= /]

You can see the lightning that is responsible for the four hour power blackout we had in our suburb…

[flashvideo file= /]

Here is the actual flash, just moments before we lost power:

Lightning flash in Paddy's Garden

Lightning flash in Paddy's Garden

More rain was dumped on Perth during the four hours of the storm than in the previous four months. The garden got a pretty good saturation and there were a few surprises the next day.

Mushrooms grew after the heavy rains

Toadstools grew after the heavy rains

Paddy suggested cutting the garlic sprouts back a little which let the sun in and dried the area out over the next couple of days. When we checked next the toadstools had moved on 🙂

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