The Wilts

Paddy and I surfed for days trying to identify which wilt we had. The easiest thing to do is to search google images for pictures of wilt that you can compare to your own.

There are many types of Wilts that affect tomato plants and many hybrid tomato plants are designed to be less succeptable to wilts.

Having said that we’re still unsure which wilt we have. It’s affected both the tomato and the cherry tomato plants. There is one plant we have that doesn’t seem to be affected and it should be written on the plants plastic tag – which we threw away when we planted it.

It’s something to remember that you might not want the plastic tags in your messing up your green garden but they are handy to find out the particular breed for replanting if it does well in your garden.

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  3. Apri says:

    I do a version of the wltied kale salad that is called Massaged Kale Salad it is yummy!Chop kale finely then add about a 1/2-1tsp coarse salt and massage the kale with your hands (they will turn a beautiful color of green). Then add olive oil and a splash of white vinegar. I like it with finely chopped apple and blue cheese but any fruit/ nut/ cheese combo will work.

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