The Molds

Apparently when your garden doesn’t have much air movement and you use fertiliser high in nitrogen and you water your plants with sprays that wet the leaves rather than drippers that wet the soil, you can get mold.

…and mold we got. Pretty soon it had killed 3 zuccini plants along with a eggplant.

According the Google, the solution to mold is simply to mix some full cream milk with water and water the affected areas and soils until it is gone.

Paddy and I were pretty annoyed, because by the time we found out about the milk wash we had already lost the plants.

Mold likes nitrogen, so if you’re using SeaSol or other high-nitrogen fertilisers, suspend using it straight away. If you have a densely packed garden bed, there may not be much airflow around the bases of plants. and these are conditions that mold thrives in – keep this in mind when you plan your garden.

As we are learning with most gardening related stuff, inaction is usually the worst course of action.

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