Paddys Garden GIF Animation

Paddys Garden - 3 Months in 30 seconds

This GIF image shows a nice sequence of 6 months of Paddy’s Garden. The photo was taken approx 12:30pm GMT +800 each day.
This animation was built automatically using irfanview and gifsicle and was automatically uploaded with wput.

Those of you with a good memory will notice that this GIF shows images from Paddys first house – a rental in Kensington, Western Australia

If you like this video you’ll love the HTML5 versions in higher quality with sound!, but you’ll need a reasonably new web browser or Adobe Flash installed to see them.

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  1. Tifany says:

    I hope it all sevivrus the move! I know how hard it can be getting a garden going (and keeping it alive in this heat). There’s nothing like fresh vegetables!

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