The Wasps

Paddy's Garden

Paddy's Garden

Paddy loves to chase bees in the garden but recently he noticed a fair few wasps flying around as well. While wasps do pollinate some flowers they’re usually more efficient at controlling caterpillars and spiders in the garden. Paddy noticed this poor caterpillar first get cut in half by a hungry wasp.

Wasp attacks caterpillar

Wasp attacks caterpillar

It must have found the caterpillar lurking around the cucumber vine.

Wasp attacks caterpillar

Wasp eats caterpillar

The wasp then sliced the head of the caterpillar off and flew about a foot away to consume.

Wasp attacks caterpillar

Wasp drops caterpillar

Once it had its fill it flew away just in time for the ants to arrive…

Ants finish off the caterpillar

Ants finish it off

Not a good end for the caterpillar but it does show how effective nature can be controlling pests organically in your garden.

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  1. Carlos says:

    When I was younger we found calarpitlers in our chives. They look like what you have, and they turned into beautiful swallowtail butterflies. It was so fun to watch their life stages!

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