The Haul

This morning Paddy and I collected some tomatoes and carrots from Paddy’s Garden just shortly before he found a secret path out of the garden…!

Paddy's Secret

Paddy's Secret

In the strange cat fishing experiment that followed Paddy even managed to get off the leash and out of the garden.

Paddy’s secret path has since been covered over with some old wood but he’s demonstrated some keen escape artist skills. From the look of things it won’t be long before he discovers he can climb the fences too.

Paddy's Haul

Paddy's Haul

You can see from the photo that the carrots seedlings have grown into little knots resembling arthritic knuckles. If you don’t want your carrots to look like this you will need to thin the seedlings out when they are young.

Paddy says that carrot seedlings resent being transplanted and that it’s best to grow carrots from seeds. When the seedlings are young you should remove the weaker plants leaving plenty of room between plants.

Of course it’s all very well now but back when we planted these carrots we didn’t know this and we just planted them straight from the seedling containers (Bunnings again) without separating the plants much.

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